Registration Information

Registration for the 2021 Fall season is OPEN!!!

Registration Dates:

Regular registration period: April 15th - June 30th
Late registration period: July 1st - close

What are the valid forms of payment?

Payment can be made online by credit card at any time during the registration period. Payment by check will be accepted until June 15th after which only credit card payments will be accepted.

Note: Check payments must be received and postmarked by June 15th. Any checks that do not meet this criteria will be rejected and the registration must be completed via credit card.

How are teams assigned?

Returning players are typically placed on the same team as the previous year if signed up prior to June 30th. New players requesting a specific coach or teammate are attempted to be met if the registration is complete by June 30th.

Note: Requests to place a player on a specific team should be put in the "comments" section during registration.

Registrations after the June 30th deadline may be placed as needed to fill out rosters.

Recreation League 2021
Age Group Fee Before 7/01 Fee After 6/30
U7 $130 $150
U8 $130 $150
U9 $130 $150
U10 $130 $150
U11 $130 $150
U12 $130 $150
U13 $130 $150
U14 $130 $150
U15 $130 $150
U16 $130 $150
U17 $130 $150
U18 $130 $150
U19 $130 $150

Sibling Discount (U7 and above)
Additional Child Discount
2nd Child -$10.00
3rd Child -$20.00
4th Child & on -$20.00